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linux common user configuration files

the user configuration files also called dot files (".") (because they start with a dot) are located in users directories, here is an overview of some common ones.

.bash_logout - file executed by bash shell on logout

.bash_profile - initialization of bash shell run only on login.

.bash_history - contains the history of commands executed by this user

.bashrc - initialization command run when bash shell starts up as a non-login shell

.cshrc - initialization commands that are run automatically (like autoexec.bat) when C shell is initiated

.emacs - configuration file for emacs editor

.vimrc - configuration file for vim editor

.xinitrc - initialization file when running startx. Can be used to activate applications, run a given window manager, and modify the appearance of the root window.

.xsession - configuration file for xdm

.ssh - store the config file, the private and the public keys for your ssh client.